Just submitted the last changes to my #poetry #manuscript #underwaterdawn / #unterwasserdämmerung. Scary! Next week, the cover will be finalized and then, hopefully, the #book will be available in October.

Some of you might know that I’m a front desk #volunteer @sheenasplace, a support centre for people affected by eating disorders. If you, a family member or a friend is struggling, check out www.sheenasplace.org - fall registration is still ongoing and participation in support groups is free of charge. 👍 #toronto #ed #support

Perfect day for a #run in the park across the street. I read that our brains work best two hours after a jog - let’s hope that’s true! ☺️ #toronto

After more editing, I have submitted the final draft of my #poetry #manuscript to my publisher today. He has been working on the cover, and without giving away too much I think that I can share on here that both the front and back of the #collection will be blue. There’ll be another round of proofreading once the #typo is set, but it shouldn’t be long now until I’ll be able to hold a physical copy of #underwaterdawn / #unterwasserdämmerung in my hands.💪

For German readers: I finally started a Canada blog! Unter pinienundahorn.blogspot.com findet Ihr demnächst Neuigkeiten aus meinem kanadischen Leben. Der #Blog befindet sich noch im Aufbau, wer jetzt zusteigt, kann ihn wachsen sehen. :) #kanada

Ziggy watching @icecreamshirt sub a #park class for @shareenwoodford - happy birthday, Shareen! 😊 #ashtanga #yoga #toronto

Chance tourism. 💕 #toronto #skyline #tbt #torontoisland

5.30 pm: Watching @icecreamshirt move with his breath before I’ll get back to work. #adayinthelife #yoga #toronto @apracticalwedding @blurb_books

And the #dayinthelife continues with a quick stop at the Asian supermarket at 4.30 pm. I got ingredients for more #kimchi #soup and a snack. My Ontario ID is in the making (I refrained from making my surname Schmid-Dawson-Clark) and I’m thinking about taking @icecreamshirt’s #yoga class at Fireflow tonight. He already took Ziggy out for his afternoon walk, so that’s off the to do list. @apracticalwedding @blurb_books

2 pm, #lunch: Leftover #kimchi #soup and a #coke. I’ll have to find more food soon. Currently instagramming and listening to @bethorton. #dayinthelife @apracticalwedding @blurb_books

@apracticalwedding and @blurb_books have announced a #dayinthelife #instachallenge today, and I decided to participate, so here goes: Around 9.00 am, I take our #minpinchi Ziggy for a 45min walk. He wasn’t properly socialized as a puppy, so he barks at every single other #dog we see. If @icecreamshirt isn’t at work, he will join us. I usually get an iced green tea on the way. When we get back, Ziggy gets his breakfast. My own sorry breakfast usually just consists of a big glass of grapefruit juice and choc chip cookies - deginitely something I need to work on! Three times a week, I would go for a run then. Not today, though, as I have editing to do for my upcoming #poetry collection. After breakfast, Ziggy hangs out on the couch and I will start working on the computer. (tbc)

Post my first 40mins #run. I officially cracked 5k (5.17km in 41:54, like the app ordered). #running #gipis #sweaty

Playing around with #polyvore. More #fashion posts yay or nay? Would you care? #minimal #anninastyle

Today I ran 3.45km in 30mins, just like my #running #app #gipis told me to (it was only my 6th run). My feet, legs and arms were fine, but I’ve had a terrible stitch travelling all over my stomach pretty much right from the start. It feels great being active again! 😊 Now two rest days, then 40mins on Sunday…,